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We are happy to announce some of our owners and partners have agreed to the following temporary updates to cancellation policies which will be in place for all bookings made up until 1st September 2020.

1. Free cancelation prior to the 1st of September 2020 due to Covid-19 related travel restrictions with immediate return of any funds paid to the clients.

2. If the resort is closed or due to government restrictions on travel due to Covid-19 and the clients cannot travel to the property a full refund will be provided to the client.

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Evening skiing
Closed until winter season 2020/2021

At an altitude of +960 m to +1460 m
Daily from 18:30 to 22:00

You can check open trails in the information center of the resort by calling 8 800 550 20 20

The most interesting and beautiful area of Krasnaya Polyana's evening skiing is available to the guests of the resort. For those who do not have the opportunity to enjoy a ski holiday during the day, now there is an opportunity to ride under the evening starry sky.

Evening show "snow groomers waltz": on Fridays and Saturdays before evening skiing at 17:00 in the skating area at Polyana 960, everyone will be able to watch a musical and light performance in the form of a parade of snow machines and a demo-run of the resort's instructor service for free.

For evening skiing, about 5 km of trails are available, located at an altitude of +960 m to +1460 m. Blue trails: "Krasnaya Polyana", "Relict Forest", "Star", green trail: "Training", which are equipped with a system of artificial snowmaking and lighting, which allows you to make your evening skiing pleasant and safe.

There are two snowparks open at our resort - one at an altitude of +2050 m in Circus-2, and the second at an altitude of +960 m in the evening skiing area.
A snowpark is an area for skiers and snowboarders, equipped with special figures to perform tricks. Our resort has a snow park at an altitude of +2050 m in Circus-2.

The main elements of a snow park in Circus-2

The snowpark is designed for beginners and advanced riders. At the moment, the snow park includes several lines for different levels of skiing.

The line for beginners:
  • Straight slide box 5 m
  • Wide rail 4 m
  • Springboard (roll) span 1-2 m
  • Springboard (roll) span 2-3 m
The line for intermediate and advanced riders:
  • Quarterpipe Round spine Inclined rail 6 m
  • Double kink rail 8 m
  • Springboard with a span of 5-6 m
  • Rail rainbow 6 m
Jibbing figures are structures made of metal pipes - "rails" and "boxes" - elongated pedestals with a plastic coating for better gliding.

Test drive Mercedes-Benz
Test track G-Class Experience from Mercedes-Benz
  • August 2020 - March 2021
  • work schedule 09:00 - 20:00
An exclusive track G-Class Experience Center for testing the family of Mercedes-Benz SUVs has been opened at Krasnaya Polyana Resort! This is the first and only off-road Mercedes-Benz track in Russia. The start is located at an altitude of 960 meters above sea level, on the northern slope of the Aibga ridge.

The track is modeled on a special Mercedes-Benz test track on the Schöckl mountain, which is located near the production plant of the legendary SUVs in the Austrian city of Graz. It is no coincidence that the track at Krasnaya Polyana Resort has become the second track in the world for test drives for Gelendvagens. Luxurious panoramic mountain views and an equipped route with extreme sections allow you to experience the capabilities of the G-Class in ideal conditions.

Off-road routes with a variety of unexpected obstacles have been developed by the best engineers and designers, including from Germany, to fully unleash the full potential of vehicles. Mercedes-Benz instructors will help you find out what the G-Class is capable of when driving uphill. In specially built active zones, routes are laid with an incline of up to 80% on the rise and up to 80% on the descent, with an exit angle of 30 °, an entry angle of 31 °, and a lateral dump angle of up to 35 °.

An extensive program will allow everyone to test not only the G-Class but the entire family of Mercedes-Benz SUVs - the GLC, the new GLE SUV, and Coupe, the new GLS.

Five varied and scenic routes will allow visitors to the test track not only to learn about the impressive possibilities of off-road vehicles but also to admire the magnificent mountain landscapes and amazing nature of Sochi. Routes from 4 to 24 km in length are laid through the famous mountain attractions of Krasnaya Polyana: to the Khmelevsky lakes, Ivanovsky waterfall, the Olympic ski jumps "Russian Gorki", to the Psakho canyon.
Mountain Beach Water Park (beach in the mountains) allows you to make an instant voyage in hot summer. The snow-capped tops of the mountains are reflected above the transparent dome, and it is always +30 in the Aquapark! A sandy beach surrounded by mountain peaks, non-stop animation of guests, water slides, swimming pools - all conditions for a high-quality, full-fledged rest with the whole family.
At the top level of the Gorki Mall shopping and entertainment center, all conditions have been created for a high-quality, full-fledged vacation with your family:

  • sandy beach surrounded by mountain peaks;
  • non-stop animation of guests, entertainment programs, sports tournaments, contests;
  • beach volleyball, badminton;
  • waterslides;
  • swimming pool;
  • wellness jacuzzi with sea salt;
  • Finnish sauna;
  • beach restaurant;
  • massage. salt cave;
  • massages and exotic spa treatments

In the water park "Mountain Beach" you will be offered a variety of massage treatments overlooking the mountains: classic, anti-cellulite, acupuncture, lymphatic drainage, vacuum, Chinese acupressure, wellness, anti-stress massage, aroma massage and others.

Children's Ski Club
Children's ski club is a daily immersion in the fascinating and exciting world of alpine skiing for children from 3 to 12 years old.
What is the Children's Club?

  • multi-level skiing training program using world methods, adapted for your child
  • experienced instructors-methodologists with a pedagogical education, who have passed the selection and special training in teaching children
  • separate children's training slope, equipped with a modern "magic carpet" lift with an anti-slip surface, which will take little skiers right to the top of the slope
  • unique training equipment
  • small groups (up to five people)
  • own children's playroom
  • professional instructors
  • educational games and masterclasses

Enjoy your vacation in the mountains while the little skiers spend their time in our club skiing and playing!

A children's educational slope with a travelator has been opened at Polyana 960. Everything has been done in the special children's area for the comfortable and safe learning of the little ones. Children from 3 to 6 years old are allowed on the slope, accompanied by an instructor.
Freestyle school
If you have the skills of confident possession of snowboard or alpine skiing, you can try yourself in one of the popular extreme disciplines: jibbing, bigair or slopestyle.

Group lessons with professional freestyle trainers of the Krasnaya Polyana Resort School will provide you with the basic knowledge and special training, and individual lessons will improve skills and open up the opportunity to progress independently in the future.

Jibbing - sliding on special surfaces and structures, as well as the complex development of balance and muscle groups responsible for stability and flexibility.

Just imagine your delight when seemingly insurmountable jibbing structures will conquer you thanks to a set of exercises under the supervision of professional trainers.

To safely overcome your fear and master a new discipline - book a training session at the freestyle school of Krasnaya Polyana Resort.

Bigair - jumping from a springboard with tricks in flight and the complex development of coordination, flexibility, muscle corset of the spine and legs.

Jumping with tricks is no longer a lot of madmen, but the latest Olympic discipline. To conquer the air, it is important to consider every detail, to act consistently and consciously.

If you want to learn and develop your ski jumping skills, book a training at the freestyle school in Krasnaya Polyana resort.

Slopestyle - performing a series of tricks on jumps and handrails, located sequentially along the entire length of the track. This is the most entertaining and technically challenging freestyle discipline that combines jibbing and big air.

To improve coordination, flexibility and endurance - book training session at the freestyle school in Krasnaya Polyana resort.

Freestyle training
Free choice of discipline in group programs gives natural, gradual progress and does not discourage the desire to study. Individual training and recommendations for work outside of training, give the expected progress and the desire to return with renewed vigor. The professionalism of coaches and a special methodology that is not inferior to the system of training professional athletes make the freestyle school of Krasnaya Polyana Resort a unique project of sports training, ready to take freestyle to a new level.
Hot air ballooning
Give yourself a gift, make a childhood dream come true, or have a romantic date at your best. The hot air balloon rises smoothly and safely over Polyana 960 by 40-50 meters.

Parachute flights are possible at any time of the year.
Give yourself a gift, make a childhood dream come true, or have a romantic date at your best. The hot air balloon rises smoothly and safely over Polyana 960 by 40-50 meters.

Parachute flights are possible at any time of the year.


The most comfortable time for flying in the mountains is the first half of the day and after lunch. The rest of the time, strong thermal currents are often observed, during which flights are terminated for safety.

The ball works daily, approximately: from 09:00 to 11:00 and from 16:00 to 18:00. Balloon operation depends on weather conditions. Be sure to check the schedule for the next day by calling the contact center 8 (800) 550-20-20.

Medical & SPA Поляна 960
We are glad to welcome you to Medical & SPA Polyana 960, the only center for functional medicine in Russia, which by climatic standards is not inferior to the Alpine clinics in Europe.
Wellness in the mountains is an invaluable help for body and soul, that's why we have created all the necessary conditions for you to enjoy your vacation surrounded by picturesque nature and to get distracted from your daily routine and add maximum benefit to your life at the Krasnaya Polyana Resort.

Our main goal is your health. Together we can prevent any possible disorders, take an important step towards beauty, harmony and health benefits, achieve harmony with ourselves, learn to hear our body, change thinking and attitude towards our body.

Medical & SPA Polyana 960 offers you a completely new approach to treatment. The principle of our work is to prevent diseases and reduce all possible risks of their occurrence. Functional medicine Medical & SPA Polyana 960 is primarily aimed at prevention and has a unique approach to your health:

1. Predictivity. We predict diseases based on the human genome.

2. Preventiveness. We prevent diseases long before symptoms appear.

3. Personalization. We consider the individual characteristics of the organism, we take a comprehensive approach to solving the problems of each patient.

4. Precision. We adhere to minimal medical interventions and focus on the capabilities of the body.

5. Patient focus. We actively involve each patient in the research and treatment process.

Our approach is based on detailed diagnostics, in-depth assessment of your body's condition and drawing up a program of necessary procedures.

Meet with us about functional medicine, the endless possibilities of the human body and be healthy.


At Medical & SPA Polyana 960 you will be consulted by first-class specialists:

· therapist, functional medicine specialist, nutritionist;

· cosmetologist;

· physiotherapist;

· personal fitness trainer.


Medical & SPA Polyana 960 welcomes only a personal approach to each guest and a comprehensive, all-round impact on the human body.


Medical & SPA Polyana 960 invites you to undergo the programs: "Relax", "Detox", "Free breathing" and "Immunity". The programs are suitable for everyone, with the exception of medical contraindications, so the guest can decide on the direction himself or make a choice in consultation with a specialist in functional medicine. Programs are similar in format and content, but depending on the purpose, the number and sequence of procedures varies. We offer standard and premium diagnostic courses as well as health and wellness measures.

Парк аттракционов Gorky Fly
The highest and longest zipline in Russia with a length of 1027 meters at an altitude of more than 2,000 meters above sea level. Suspension bridge and mega swings. And all this at an altitude of 2200 m.
  • The upper station of the cable car "Black Pyramid"
  • Buy a walking ticket for the cable car
  • Zipline tickets - at the box office at the start
  • from 10.00. until 18:30. Ascent to the zipline until 17:00.

The zipline is open until October 18 inclusive. Then it will open with the beginning of the ski season.

A dizzying 1027 meter long Gorky Fly ride at an altitude of over 2,000 meters above sea level. Austrian equipment was specially brought for Gorky Fly, installed on the most famous analogues in the world, including Dubai X line Dubai.

The start of the pair megazipline is located next to the upper station of the Black Pyramid cable car (K-5) at an altitude of +2300 m. The zipline finishes at an altitude of +2180 m, next to the panoramic platform and the upper station of the Vershina cable car (K-3).

Flying over a mountain valley at a speed of 80 km/h is fun for the whole family. The attraction can be used by adults and children from 10 years old.


The zipline equipment was purchased from the Austrian outdoor concept company. The same equipment is used on the most famous zip lines in the world, including Dubai's X line Dubai. The founder and CEO of this company, Mr. Philip Strasser, personally came to the resort to inspect and adjust the equipment. The specialists of the outdoor concept company, under the leadership of Mr. Mikael Katzler, trained our employees in accordance with the highest international standards, followed by the issuance of the necessary certificates.

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