Octola Property

Lapland, Finland
Lodge 10 bedrooms (2 wing: 6 bedrooms and 4 bedrooms) AND
Villa 2 bedrooms
12 bedrooms total

Luxury Mountain Lodge Award, Global Winner, World Luxury Awards 2020
OCTOLA lodge is a harmonious combination of a modern glass house, rustic wilderness cabin, and private luxury hotel. The aim is not to offer you simply accommodation, but a tranquil sensation of being one with the surrounding wilderness.
What they have created is a new, next generation private travel concept, letting you to linger in utmost privacy. Stay in OCTOLA, the most exclusive lodge in the Nordic region, is fully catered and comes with a selection of local experiences that let you fully immerse in the local way of life.

The property, accessible by helicopter, snowmobile or car, is located on private land of more than 300 hectares, in the cul-de-sac of a private road, surrounded by silent wilderness and freely roaming reindeer. The log walls present the most ecological and traditional building style in the region, while our wood burning sauna and geothermal heating ensures you will stay in warmth and comfort even in the coldest time of the year.

In this project, colleagues from the world's leading luxury travel companies have helped us with contributions to design and ideas. OCTOLA was built for frequent, global travellers accustomed to luxurious five star hotels. Being accommodated in a wooden chalet is the essence of Lapland, providing the most authentic stay in the Arctic. We offer total privacy in our own secluded wilderness area and all the exciting outdoor Arctic activities are on your doorstep. Our wilderness guides, chef and butler ensure that all your requirements and wishes are attended to.

At OCTOLA the owner wants you to feel relaxed and in touch with pure nature. He is offering guests a unique kind of health spa for the spirit, where you can leave behind the stress of the day to day world, and savour the healing qualities of Lapland's stunningly beautiful natural environment.

Part of his philosophy of luxury in Lapland is to be secluded, far from the crowds, and to be at one with nature, but with access to every conceivable private service and comfort.

With their dedicated chefs they have created an eight-course North Pole menu to honour the versatile Arctic cuisine. This is presented inrichly illustrated gourmet book, '8 Arctic Seasons: discover - taste -experience', launched at the North Pole in 2016. The book was nominated as the best cookbook in the world in spring 2017, and won the best Scandinavian cook book award.
The discerning chef selects all the ingredients and controls the preparation process to make sure OCTOLA guests can appreciate both food and presentation.


Day 1.
- Arrival to Rovaniemi Airport, meet your private host and VIP transfer (20min ) to Octola private wilderness

- Welcome reception and introduction to wilderness.
You have an opportunity to go for Northern Lights snowshoeing on each day with your private wilderness guide

- 3- course dinner at Octola Lodge by own chef.
If the sky is clear, you should see the mighty Northern Lights from inside of the Lodge each day!
Day 2.
- Breakfast by own chef

- A magical and private Santa Claus experience at his secret forrest with reindeer pulled sleight

- Lunch included in front of open fire
A private and guided ice/snow sculpture making at Octola

- A relaxing time and panorama sauna& outdoor hot tube available.
3- course dinner at Octola Lodge by own chef.
Day 3.
- Breakfast by own chef

- A private snowmobile excursion in the wilderness and ice fishing on a remote lake where you can catch some very big fish

- Lunch included
Mini snowmobiling for children

- A relaxing time and panorama sauna& outdoor hot tube available.
3- course dinner at Octola Lodge by own chef.
Day 4.
- Breakfast by own chef

- A private husky dog sledding in the woods

- Lunch at Octola
Wooden sauna by a private lake of Octola and dip in ice water. The water is crystal clear and coming from a natural spring!

- Northern Lights snowmobile safari available
A relaxing time and panorama sauna& outdoor hot tube available.
3- course dinner at Octola Lodge by own chef.
Day 5.
- Breakfast by own chef

- A private visit at home of exclusive handicraft artisan where you can also learn about amazing skills to create your ow piece of art

- Lunch at Lodge
Winter ice driving in private tracks of Octola

- A relaxing time and panorama sauna& outdoor hot tube available.
3- course dinner at Octola Lodge by own chef.
Day 6.
- Breakfast by own chef

- A private snowshoeing adventure in the woods

- Lunch in the woods
3- course dinner at ice restaurant

- A private Octola New Year celebration with fireworks!
Day 7.
- Breakfast by own chef

- A visit at Santa Claus Village and arctic playgrounds

- Lunch included Elf school for children

- A relaxing time and panorama sauna& outdoor hot tube available.
3- course dinner at Octola Lodge by own chef.
Day 8.
- Breakfast by own chef

- A private transfer to Rovaniemi Airport (20min) and departure


A hidden hut, smoke coming out of the chimney, who may live in here, hidden away? And did we just see an elf, disappearing toward the hut? Let your children discover, who is keeping warm in the hut, perhaps you are invited in, for a story of your lifetime? Is it the Santa himself, waiting with the presents?
After having experienced the excitement of being pulled along in a sleigh, it's time to let the children drive. We have a designated mini-skidoo track where children can try riding their own mini-skidoos. Our staff will be there to ensure the safety of the little riders.

This experience gives the children and young riders the chance to experience the thrill of the ride in a safe way. While the children try out driving themselves, adults can enjoy warms snacks over the campfire.
Each year winter, and its snowy and icy conditions puts Finns' driving skills to the test. For being such a small country, Finland has produced astonishing amount of excellent racing drivers, such as Mika Häkkinen, Kimi Räikkönen, Valtteri Bottas, Tommi Mäkinen, Juha Kankkunen, Jari-Matti Latvala... and the list just goes on.

In the afternoon your guide will take you to a private track where you get to try winter driving with Can-Ams. Your guide will run through a short safety briefing and you will get all the necessary gear. Once you are fully suited and booted, it's time to test your winter driving skills and the capabilities of these unique ATV's in snowy and icy conditions. We can assure you that this thrilling and adrenaline-fuelled driving experience won't leave you cold!
A snowmobile ride is a highlight of any Arctic adventure, and not to be missed. After a brief introduction to safety and the controls of the snowmobiles, it's time to set off on our state-or-art snowmobiles for your tailor-made excursion into the wild. Through forests and over hills packed with snow, you'll drive deep into the wilderness where not many have been. You'll get the chance to let rip across a frozen lake and experience the speed, the freedom and the adrenaline rush that can only be had when these thrilling machines roar over the snow.

While a driving licence is needed to operate a snowmobile, children and those without licences get to enjoy being pulled along in a sleigh. Adults and older children can also share a snowmobile with the driver as you ride through the beautiful snowy landscapes.
It's time to hop on the sleigh! Warmly wrapped and tucked in the sleigh, you start journey through a forest that looks like it's straight out of a fairytale! The reindeer will pull you through the forest and introduce you to the life of a reindeer. You will arrive to a Lappish kota where the reindeer herder is waiting for you. While you enjoy a delicious lunch cooked by an open fire, you will hear fascinating stories about Sámi culture and the life in Lapland that evolves around the reindeer.
After tasty breakfast, your guide knocks on the door, ready to take you out for dog sledding.

At the husky kennel, you'll meet the dogs, their excited barks filling the air. You are provided with all the necessary equipment, and taught how to drive a team of dogs. With the children safely wrapped up in warm furs in the sleigh, you set off! As you slide through the snow and into the wilderness, the barking of the dogs subsides, and all you can hear is the pounding of paws and the sound of the sledge on the snow. Standing on the runners, by placing your weight, the dogs turn, and you are entirely in the moment. The white and magical landscape slips by as the dogs pick up speed. Their joy at pulling the sleigh is contagious, and you see broad, happy smiles on everyone's faces. Afterwards you will have time at the kennel to visit the dogs and you can enjoy hot drinks by a camp fire in a cosy, Lappish 'kota' building.

Leaving the eager sled dogs behind, we set off for the next adventure: snowmobiling!
The Lodge (10 bedrooms)
Villa (2 bedrooms)
Exclusive Wilderness Glass igloo
Bbq wellness
Prices and availability
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Meals prepared by our own chefs
  • Selected beverages
  • Butler service
  • Wilderness hotel manager
  • Wilderness guide
  • Snowshoeing
  • Offroad Skiing
  • Tobogganing / sledding
  • Nature walks
  • Northern Lights viewing
  • Private reindeer enclosed area with an opportunity to feed the reindeer
  • Sauna experience
  • All private programs following itinerary
  • Airport transfers on Mercedes vans
  • Protective outer clothing (there's also possibility to purchase thermal underwear locally from our shop)
  • From the behalf of each guest, a generous donation will be made to the
  • Private Wilderness Fund to protect Arctic animals